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North Boards
The Spike is perfect for those days when you arrive at the beach and wind isn’t quite playing ball. Using a unique shape concept the Spike combines a large surface area, and flat rocker, with an asymmetrical concave and straight centre section. This gives the board unbelievable upwind abilities and gets it up and going in light winds while others are left on the beach. The 163 offers the best upwind and low end performance in the range, it is also very easy to ride. The 153 has slightly less low end, but still gets going very early. Underfoot it feels much smaller than it is, so it is perfect for light wind freestyle and freeride tricks. The smallest board in the range, the 141, is tuned to be more of a light wind freestyle machine, it works really well in gusty conditions and is popular among riders who ride inland on lakes. If you want to make every session count, no matter how light the wind is, you need the Spike in your collection. 
The X-Ride has been the best selling board in the range for some time now, and with good reason. It is the most versatile board in our range, offering the perfect ride for whatever you want to do on the water. This year it has been completely redesigned and uses a totally new construction. In recent years boards have been getting longer and longer, the new X-Ride can be ridden 3cm longer than you would normally chose. The extra length results in more rocker and a straighter outline which gives the rider vastly improved ride quality and early planing characteristics. They also have more grip in the water and better control in choppy conditions. This new shape and length combine with the specially designed freeride fins to give you unsurpassed upwind performance and grip. Whether you are into freeriding, big air, freestyle or smashing waves the X-Ride will deliver. Being so good at carving makes it especially fun in the waves and lots of riders enjoy playing in the surf on the X-Ride. The X-Ride is the ultimate all round kiteboard, happy doing whatever you decide to do. Waves, freestyle, freeride, choose the X-Ride and ride the way you want, when you want.
The Soleil utilises a completely new construction and design for this year. The board echoes the trend among riders looking for boards with more length. The longer length offers more rocker, making the board more comfortable through chop yet still offering early planing. The Soleil is very responsive with a smooth flex characteristic that has been developed especially for girls. It has plenty of grip and rides upwind fantastically and carves from rail to rail really well. There are a growing number of girls getting into kitesurfing and the Soleil offers them the perfect freeride machine. It was one of the first boards for girls on the market and something that North Kiteboarding has been championing for some time. It comes with the NTT footstrap and pad system in a small/medium size for girls with smaller feet. Don’t ride a board designed for men, ride the Soleil and enjoy a board designed by girls for girls 
North Boards
The Jaime is in a class of its own, it’s been the pro model for Jaime Herraiz for 9 years! Over that time the board has been tweaked and developed, but has always retained the core focus, to be one of the best boards for Jaime, himself, to ride. The board uses the same Sandwich Construction that revolutionised the kiteboarding industry all those years ago and now features a Carbon Beam to improve the torsional stiffness and flex. All of our construction knowledge is put into ensuring the Jaime is one of the best-manufactured boards around. Freestyle, freeride, carving, the Jaime excels at it all whilst still retaining a comfortable ride that will surprise many kiters. The team at North have refined the test-winning concept from 2012 to create the best Jaime yet. The harder you ride the board, the faster and higher it goes. The Jaime has a progressive flex and Double V bottom that makes jumping easy and for a board with so much performance it is very forgiving. Take it out for a chilled cruise, or fire it up for some high wind mega loops it won’t disappoint. If it is good enough for Jaime, it is good enough for you!
The Whip is our high volume euro wave shredder, designed for those days when the waves aren’t packing much punch and you still want to have a good session. It is also the new school wave freestyle board of choice among the NKB pro team too. A thruster set up with a wider double winger diamond tail combine with more volume to get this board up and going really early. The Whip is fast, lively and a whole heap of fun to ride no matter what the waves are doing… 
Sky Solbach: “The 2014 model is actually based on a 5’8” I made for NKB legend Jaime Herraiz last winter. He was looking for a short, wide board he could use to kite and surf at home in small waves in Tarifa, Spain. Using the 2013 Whip as a base model, I bumped up the overall width by 1/4'' and added a big single winger to pull in the tail for added maneuverability. Jaime was really pumped on the board and ended up liking it a lot as a thruster. It’s much looser and livelier than the 2013 Whip and is aimed at generating speed and performing well in small, gutless waves. This thing absolutely flies and is great for doing strapless airs.
If you ride in big, fast powerful waves you need a board that won’t let you down. The Kontact has been designed to offer maximum grip in the turns, ride exceedingly fast down the line and handle the biggest swells the planet has to offer. The thruster set-up and rounded pin tail give it the best carving ability at high speeds, so you know that bottom turn is going to stick when the wave gets critical. If you want to ride big waves with the big guns you need the Kontact under your feet to back you up. 
Sky Solbach: “The Kontact is the go-to board for big waves and really windy and choppy conditions. I think of it as the Cadillac of the range because it’s such an easy ride and really irons out the bumps. Its got low volume, thinned out rails and a rocker that can handle lots of speed. The full nose and rounded pin-tail create a long rail line you can rely on when pushing hard through high-speed carves. If you’re into going fast and carving hard, get a Kontact.
North Boards
The Pro Series is the ultimate board in the range, designed by the pro riders for the pro riders. The board offers state-of-the-art performance with its dedicated thruster set up, huge rocker line and thumb tail shape. It can handle a variety of conditions, from small to medium sized waves and is great for reverse tricks with the generous tail rocker. If you are the kind of rider who demands the best, then look no further than the Pro Series, it is the most dynamic and advanced board in the line up. 
Sky Solbach: “Patri, Airton and I collaborated a lot on the Pro Series design. General feedback from the team was that they wanted something a bit more controloriented that would handle different types of conditions when competing. Our efforts resulted in a thumb-tail design with a slightly fuller nose, which effectively straightens up the outline and allows for smoother, less ‘flicky’ turns. The Pro Series can be pushed hard and really drives and carries speed off the bottom turn, but is still easy to find the release point to snap tight and blow the tail out. 
The Wam has been our most popular surfboard for some time now, the most versatile board in the range it is ready to handle whatever you can throw at it. Supplied with both Quad and Tri fin options you can set the board up to be loose and slashy or for more drive through the turns. The board offers plenty of grip in the water and is really easy to ride, making it an excellent choice for newcomers to the surf and experts alike. Whatever the conditions, you can decide how to ride them and the Wam can handle it! 
Sky Solbach: “The Wam got a major overhaul this year. I wanted to add more snap and liveliness to improve performance in small waves without sacrificing too much control and drive in bigger surf. In order to achieve this, I pushed more width into the tail and increased the overall rocker to loosen it up and tighten the turning radius. Then, to compensate and keep it all under control, I flattened out the curve in the rocker between the zero point and the tail. The result is a board that is fast and loose, yet very positive and predictable.”
Sometimes you just want to go out and have fun, even when the wind doesn’t quite deliver, or the waves aren’t as big as predicted the Nugget is the answer! It’s a playful board with a wide outline and plenty of volume to get you going early. A quad fin set up helps to keep the board loose and allow you to really throw it about in small waves. Great for strapless freestyle the short length makes rotations and spins really easy. Don’t get bummed by the conditions, get a Nugget and have fun all the time! 
Sky Solbach: “I ride the Nugget more than any other board in my quiver because it just makes crappy conditions so much fun. It not only gets you up and going when other boards won’t, it also rips in small waves. It’s a stoke machine! The obvious step for myself was to improve the overall surfing ability of the 2013 model without losing the light wind ability. I added 2” of length, pulled in the tail and integrated rail shape similar to other high performance models in the range. It retains the light wind ability of the previous Nugget, but puts an entirely new spin on its surfing ability. We even added a 5’5” XL model for heavy riders.” 
North BoardsNorth Kites
The 2013 Race Limited 69 is made utilising a full carbon sandwich construction with an automatic pressure release valve. This means you can spend more time riding and less time worrying about your board, no matter where you take it! We have also changed the dimensions of the board slightly compared to the 2012 model; it is now 190 cm long and 69.9 cm wide, pushing the IKA box rule to the absolute limit. We also increased the volume to 90 litres; this makes the board perform even better in light winds.
We didn’t just make these changes for the sake of it though; we have redesigned the shape for 2013 to create a more competitive board in every aspect. One of the first things we wanted to do was improve the quality of the ride, making the board handling superior in rough and choppy conditions. By changing the shape of the tail and the hull we have made it easier to ride and more comfortable at high speeds. In addition to this we have also improved its performance upwind with tweaks to the rail shape and rocker line. 
The Race LTD 69 is built and registered to the IKA Box Rule and legal to race. The board is delivered without fins.
Fin recommendation: 
The board works best with two 3 degree canted 42 cm race fins in the front and 1 straight 40 cm race fin in the back.
If you want to win races, medals and glory, the Race LTD 69 is the board you need under your feet, accept no substitutes!

The Neo is the dedicated wave-freeride kite in the line up, aimed at the rider who values quality waves and needs a kite to perform. Airton Cozzolino chooses the Neo for his demanding style of competitive wave riding on the KSP World Tour. His influence was essential to improve the wave characteristic without loosing the good freeride abilities. This year the Neo comes with a floating strut and the structure of the kite is a little softer to enable the Neo to absorb gusts, giving a smoother power development and allowing the rider even more control on the wave. The struts have also been moved further towards the outside of the kite, this has shifted the centre of gravity allowing the kite to sit further back in the window. This enables the kite to drift down the line incredibly well, allowing you to park the kite and ride the wave without having to worry about it stalling. Additionally it is responsible for an easy and fast relaunch. The Neo is extremely responsive to rider input on the bar, making it easy to manoeuvre on the wave. The lightweight construction makes the kite very lively in the air, but also means there is even less chance of the kite dropping back in the window as you race down the line.

If you like riding waves, but don´t want to miss comfort freeriding, the Neo is the kite for you.

The Vegas is a kite that needs no introduction, for years it has sat at the pinnacle of freestyle riding, powering the world’s best riders to the top of their game. Over the years it has evolved, and it is now much more than just a freestyle kite. Different tuning options allow you to set the kite up for wakestyle and freeride options, as well of course, as freestyle. It has the best pop in the North range, offering extreme height in jumps and powered tricks. The unique feature of the kite is the power delay, after the pop the kite has no power allowing the rider to perform their trick without the kite pulling. Kiteloops on the Vegas are precise and reliable, the kite powers through the loop with plenty of speed. It’s probably the best kite on the market for the rider looking for the freestyle advantage and is used by the entire North Kiteboarding Freestyle Team on the PKRA and in other events around the world. Still, in addition to this, some riders choose the Vegas as their freeride kite, enjoying the lively nature and responsiveness offered.

If you want the most uncompromising high performance and dynamic kite on the market, choose the Vegas.

North Kites

The Rebel was a game changer when it was first launched all those years ago. Since then it has remained the best selling kite in the North Kiteboarding range year on year. There are so many fans out there that fly the Rebel week in week out and love it. With good reason, the Rebel is one of the most stable kites on the market, making it perfect for beginners, intermediates and experts alike. The kite offers responsive steering, even when it is depowered. The upwind ability of the kite is also fantastic, making it great for freeride, waves and even a bit of racing.

The Rebel gives the rider a good amount of bar feedback, offering total control in the roughest conditions. The hangtime and lift offered by the kite is amazing, huge floaty jumps are delivered time and time again. This year the kite has a deeper profile, which allows it to drift a little more in the waves but also offers an improved low end. Sky Solbach, NKB surfboard shaper, uses the Rebel when he is testing in Maui and Western Australia and relies on its dependable handling characteristics in all conditions to allow him to concentrate on the boards under his feet.

The Rebel is the most popular kite on the market, it is stable, dependable and reliable with a huge wind range, offering unrivalled performance in a variety of situations.

The Dice is a brand new kite for 2014, aimed at the rider wanting a do it all machine with C-Shape flying characteristics. Airton Cozzolino and Tom Court are using the Dice this year, showing you just how versatile it is. Happy performing wakestyle, freestyle or in the waves – the kite entertains on all levels. It is based around a C-Shape profile, using a lightweight three strut construction.

The kite feels lively in your hands, very direct and predictable in the air. The bar feedback is instinctive and riders find the kite easy to fly right out of the bag. Kiteloops are really easy with the Dice, and it is great fun to ride in the waves or flat water.

If you want a kite that will give you the maximum amount of fun in any conditions, choose the Dice, responsive, fast and great fun!

The Evo is the ultimate all round kite in the North Kiteboarding range and a completely new interpretation of a freestyle/freeride kite. The Evo is at home no matter what the conditions. Tom Hebert competes in wave and freestyle events, as well as freeriding all over the world on trips. He choses the Evo as his kite, knowing that no matter where he is, or what type of riding he is doing the Evo will deliver. The kite can be flown on 4 or 5 lines and feels like an easy to use C-Shaped kite in terms of its handling. It has a smooth predictable nature and direct and responsive turning characteristics. The hangtime and lift delivered when jumping is impressive, the kite really accelerates through the window to generate huge amounts of power and lift, perfect for oldschoool manoeuvres. Kiteloops feel extremely smooth, the Evo catches the rider gently after the loop. It is exceedingly stable in the air, making it great for freestyle and waves too. Hooked or unhooked the Evo responds perfectly to rider input on the bar in a predictable manner. Due to the 5 struts, the Evo is stable even in biggest gusts or steering mistakes.

If you don’t want to be tied down to a certain style of riding, you need a kite that can deliver on all levels, the Evo is that kite.

North Kites

We’ve spent years refining the Buzz to create the ultimate “School Kite”. It’s really easy to fly, relaunches automatically and is very predictable in the sky, making it the ultimate kite to learn on. The power is soft and steady and the kite is designed not to surge forwards in gusty winds making it very controllable. The auto relaunch allows for simple hands free relaunch, meaning you spendmore of your time flying the kite and learning the basic skills you need to progress. When riders are learning they crash kites, pure and simple, these kites get a tough life. To ensure they survive season after season we have used the highest quality and most indestructible materials we could find. Crash it, launch it, crash it again the Buzz will keep coming back for more!

Racing is all about handling and performance in light winds, the Dyno embodies that perfectly! This year we have gone a step further, stripping the kite down to just the essentials to deliver the most efficient kite on the market today.

Struts and Segmentation:

The most visual change is the move from 7 struts to just 5; this increases the flexibility of the kite and further reduces the weight. The tip strut is now closer to the wingtip to help support the thin leading edge; it also provides stability during hard turns. With just 5 struts the kite is more flexible and will dynamically twist when you initiate the turn, allowing it to turn faster and harder and generate more power. When riding fast downwind you’ll appreciate this improved agility and power stroke in the kite, giving you the edge over the competition. We have also increased the number of segments in the canopy, this allows us to have far greater control over the profile of the kite and get the exact shape we desire in order to give the Dyno optimum performance.

New bridle system:

We have removed all the pulleys from the bridle; this reduces the weight, but more importantly the drag, increasing the kites speed through the air. This does mean the new Dyno has to be flown on the 5th Element bar system to guarantee 100% safety.The new Dyno, especially in the larger sizes, 13, 15 and 17, has significantly more power compared to the previous model. The deeper draft profile and large span between the quarter and centre struts increases the efficiency and power delivery considerably. We found in testing that this area of the kite doesn’t need to be controlled by the struts and in fact works better when it is free to luff and fill as the rider powers and depowers the kite. We have also improved the relaunch of the kite, the flexible nature allows it to twist onto its wingtip far quicker than last years model.

Whilst we design the Dyno with racing in mind, all of these characteristics we build into the DNA of the kite make it perfect for freeriding too. The lighter weight, deeper profiles and new geometry allow it to get going really early and boost huge floaty airs. It is just as happy above a twin tip as it is a race board.The new Dyno is simply the best kite for light winds, and in the right hands the fastest kite round the racecourse. Give yourself the competitive advantage, and get racing on the new Dyno, lighter, faster and more powerful! We’ve given you the tools; the results are up to you.

Our Lizard trainer kites are available in two different sizes. The Lizard 1.8 and the Lizard 2.5, they both offer a safe and enjoyable way for newcomers to learn the basics of kite flying, before they progress onto their first lesson on the water. Durability is paramount when you are learning to fly a kite, both the Lizards are Ram Air Construction and we have employed new internal construction supports to make the kites bomb proof. The handling on the Lizard is predictable and controllable, enabling new flyers to get to grips with the basic skills quickly. The kites react instantly to input on the bar, allowing the flyer to direct the kite around the wind window with precision and ease. Both Lizard kites are supplied with a 50cm rubber coated aluminium bar, this means you can get the “feel” for flying a kite on the same set up as our kitesurfing kites. The bar has winding posts to allow you to wrap up the lines without tangling them. Both Lizards are equipped with a hand leash, optional you can get the 1.8 without leash. The Lizard kites are ready to fly straight out of the bag, unpack, unwind, launch and ENJOY!


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