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Material de Surf disponible en Dakhla



Melons is Indar Unanue’s Pro Model and would have to be the most user friendly board in the high performance lineup. A low but curvey entry rocker fits nicely into the curve of the wave and generate a lot speed yet. Single to double concave, medium rails and a subtle kicktail for fast responsive surfing.


Wave height: 2-6 ft
Spot: beach break or point break
Tail: squash, round, round pin, square or swallow
Surfing level: intermediate - advance


Mid to high performance stepdown from you normal shortboard. Lower entry rocker with a flatter mid section, relaxed curve through the tail, combined with a deep single concave generates speed and acceleration in smaller conditions. The increased outline and rail volume compensate for the reduction in length best ordered about 1-2’’ shorter than your normal shortboard ¼’’ to 3/8’’ wider.


Wave height: 2-5 ft
Spot: beach break or point break
Tail: squash
Surfing level: all levels


Tiene un rocker apropiado para surfers con nivel medio-alto. Los cantos son low boxy y un profundo cóncavo simple hacia doble entre los dos pies. El Hip es exagerado, justo en el pie de atrás, altera un poco el outline para añadir una mejor respuesta. Lleva una V a lo largo de las 4 últimas pulgadas del tail para mantener esta tabla muy viva y tener también más control en secciones huecas.


Wave height: 2-6 ft
Spot: reef or point break
Tail: round square
Surfing level: intermediate – advance


This high performance shortboard has been designed to perform in a variety of conditions and waves. Has Increased nose rocker and subtle but continuously curved exit rocker in the tail, soft forgiving medium-low rails, and a deep single concave running the full lengh of the board. The pulled in squash tail will keep it quick and responsive from rail to rail and the thinned out rails in the tail will let you jam it hard in the pocket and allow for more hold in critical moments. Fast and sensitive under the feet. If you only have one board in your quiver this is it!


Wave height: 2-6 ft
Spot: hollow beach, point break or reef
Tail: round square
Surfing level: intermediate – advance


Es una tabla rápida, suelta y fácil. Es un modelo con un shape muy atractivo que pueden usarla todo tipo de surfistas. La tabla tiene una V profunda desde el nose hasta la parte de las quillas para una transición canto a canto más fácil. Los cantos son llenos con un flat deck (la parte de arriba plana).


Wave height: 2-5 ft
Spot: beach brake or point brake
Tail: swallow
Surfing level: all levels

Moor's Melons
Moor's Super 8
Moor's Purple Rain
Moor's Beraza
Moor's Antxoa

This model is fast and all round good fun in average to fat surf, also great for getting you putting game wired, important to order it around 4-5’’ shorter than your normal short board.

logo-weird-2Wave height: 2-4 ft
Spot: beach brake
Tail: shallow swallow
Surfing level: all levels


Small wave model that is built for speed, single concave and fuller outline. The low entry rocker generates immediate acceleration while the moderate rocker through the tail will maintain manoeuvrability in steeper waves. Deck has a slight roll yet still maintaining extra volume in the rail, the extra thickness adds paddle power and the tail outline is pulled into a narrower squashtail for quick and easy release of the top and bottom, best ordered 2-3’’ shorter and ½ - 3/4’’ wider.

logo-moustache-2Wave height: 2-5 ft
Spot: beach break
Tail: round square
Surfing level: all levels


Delivers exceptional acceleration and response in smaller conditions, lower entry and exit rocker and a deep concave between the feet to generate speed and lift in smaller flate conditions, increased outline and rail volume allows for maximum floatation and further anhances small wave performance. One of my most popular versatile user friendly small wave board designs. Recommend order this board 3-4’’ inches shorter and 1’’ to 1 ½ ‘’ wider than your standard shortboard.


Wave height: 1-4 ft
Spot: beach brake
Tail: round square
Surfing level: all levels


 This is the board we have designed for this generation of kids ages 7 through 10 who start earlier year by year and get some kind of level surfing. Easy on small waves and to ride but with a high performance flavor for a modern surfing of lines to create a good and solid base for the groms. It provides an exceptional speed in small waves, slight rocker and deep concave between both feet, with a more generous outline and volume for a bigger floatability.


Wave height: 1-4 ft
Spot: beach brake
Tail: round square or round pin
Surfing level: all levels


This is one of the most popular model last year that we have adapted to the girls. Features are low entry rocker for enhanced speed with a high performance exit rocker combined with a deep nose to tail concave, the extra volume in the mid-high rail and fuller nose template gives you extra float and more paddle power. Fast responsive and easy to catch waves on. Surf the Sweet 3-4’’ inches shorter and 1’’ 1 ½’’ wider than your normal board.


Wave height: 2-4 ft
Spot: beach break
Tail: diamond
Surfing level: all levels

Moor's Weird
Moor's Moustache
Moor's Paper Boat
Moor's Paper Boat Grommet
Moor's Sweet

Hybrid model Moustache and some Step Up models (for more powerful waves). A table is versatile for all types of conditions. It has a little more curve in the rocker, but it continues to maintain a wide tip to provide more rowing. The extra volume towards the nose gives you a quick drive and great acceleration. The pintail makes that can carve on the wall of the wave and turn right in the pocket. It is recommended to ask for it 1 or 2 inches smaller than the usual table.


Wave height: 2-6 ft
Spot: beach break, point brake or reef
Tail: round pin
Surfing level: all levels


Well, we think the name says it all, a lot of foam distributed thru-out this design for the guy that doesn’t get out in the water to often and is not waiting a fun board. The full rails will maintain float and the wider nose template for easy paddling.


Wave height: 1-4 ft
Spot: beach brake
Tail: rounded square
Surfing level: all levels

We call it the Duktape because this board fixes any wave situation. Whether it’s head+ glass or waist high slop, the Duktape is a one size fits all surfboard. With a wide line through the nose and some extra volume under the chest, this surfboard gets into just about any wave and is plenty fun in the small stuff. The tail has been thinned out and given some hard rails to lock you into the bigger stuff. With enough tail rocker for the big drops and enough planing surface for the small waves, this board is fun in almost any wave. This is the only lightly glassed, shortboard style signature shape, and there is a reason. This board stands out from more common shortboard designs by head and shoulders. If you can only have one board, this might be the best choice.

Based off of one of our favorite snacks, this culturally inappropriate board is ready to get unruly in our local breaks. Specifically designed for larger, but softer, point breaks, this board is able to create massive speed and carry it through maneuvers, then float you across flat sections with ease. We’ve found that it also works well in beach breaks under chest high. Although it is a bit of old school/new school hybrid and glassed heavily, the Fatback is very pivoty off the tail and surfs more like a modern short board. And just like bacon, we are pretty sure that you will love this delicious shape.

When you’re feeling a bit oldschool, and a bit… different, it is time to ride one of our favorite shapes: the Rattail. We so dubbed this board because this homage to the early days of surfing has a tendency to make people do a double take… and it’s stretched and thinned out tail kind of makes it look like the hairdo after which it is named. Sporting a single fin, a long, thin tail, and hard rails that transition fairly far forward, this board is a spectacular trainer for your rail work. With the extra volume in the front, this board is also an excellent paddler and gives you no excuse for not getting into the waves, but a great excuse for good style. We gave it a good bit of rocker in the tail to help handle some of the bigger drops and give you speed control when you decide to channel Mr. Pipeline. This ridiculously fun, single fin throwback can bring out the oldschool surfer in anyone and make you feel like Mr. Pipeline on any size wave. Enjoy!

Moor's 5 star
Moor's Big Belly
Kai The Duktape
Kai The Fatback
Kai The Rattail

This is no wimpy fish, it’s the Burly. This is the Kai adaptation of the Mini-Simmons, and is quite a board to ride. With a wide and flat bottom, the Burly is a surfboard that excels in clean and soft waist to head high waves. With speed like you would not believe and a twin fin set up this board can produce some massive turns in smaller conditions, or be rid


The Fun Egg shape remains unaltered since its introduction into the range. It has consistently proven to be a fantastic blend of wave ›hunter / catcher‹ and an easy to ride performer. Stylish with its visible Bamboo layup it resembles the timeless classics, while the yellow trim around the rails gives the board a modern twist.

The forward concave running through the middle gives supreme lift and reliable security in the hollow sections of the wave. The pronounced V to double concave makes for a smooth, easy rail to rail transition at speed. The low overall rocker, allows this board to run effortlessly in weak conditions so you can easily link sections all the way to the beach.Available in our Bamboo Epoxy construction and incorporating the Quad / Thruster Multisystem for 2015, the Fun Egg is another great and versatile ride.


A design introduced last year, the Moonshine has been undeniably impressive with its top speeds, full rail carving abilities and overall performance. Due to popular demand, we are excited to add four new sizes, 5’8”, 5’10”, 6’7”, 7’1” to the 2015 range.

The Moonshine’s overall surface area gives it that ›get up and go‹ needed for remarkable early planing but, due to its deep concave bottom, it does not feel as wide as one might expect. This concave has been refined for 2015 and we have taken it even deeper with slightly less tail double concave. This modification gives more lift and hold whilst adding more curve into the rail to keep the nose free. This results in the board linking some full powered arcs. The bump in the tail outline allows for quick snaps while the swallow provides drive and control. The overall rocker is mid to curvy meaning that the Moonshine is as at home in punchy waves, clean point breaks or beach break mush. Heel and toe Carbon reinforcement is seen on the Moonshine, which is available in both of our outstanding Polyester and Epoxy constructions, while versatility is added through the use of the Quad / Thruster Multifin system.

Reflecting fashions laid back narrative with hues of blue, means you’ll fit right in no matter the colour of the ocean.


The Crazy Diamond produces great results for those wanting a short, small wave ripper. The retro style pinched tail with a boxy deck shape and slicing lower rail form, gives great carving performance at slow speeds and the ability to cut effortlessly through bumps in those less than ideal conditions.

Available in our Bamboo Epoxy construction, the Crazy Diamond is proportionally wider and thicker than the Compact Wave Diamonds. A deep full concave and a touch of double concave through the fins, gives the board optimum lift and speed. Green vibrancy is seen on the Diamond this year. Trendy and fashionable you are guaranteed to look the part whilst putting in an outstanding performance.


The Diamond design has a low rocker with a deep single concave giving an abundance of lift and squirt through turns. The outline has the perfect amount of tail curvature to allow for snaps, but also for drawing solid lines on large waves. The well distributed volume, along with balanced width, has the Diamond linking the dead sections with ease.

Originally the Diamond was designed for mushy disorganised wave conditions, but we have found this board to be incredibly versatile across a wide variety of waves. The deep concave holds exceptionally well, whilst the bottom curvature through the rail has the board carve fully on rail arcs. The Quad / Thruster Multisystem adds versatility to the board’s already endless list of capabilities.

Blocks of pure green vibrancy are seen on the Diamond this year. On trend and fashionable you are guaranteed to look the part whilst putting in an outstanding performance.

Available in both of our outstanding Polyester and Epoxy constructions, you can be sure to find a style that suits your every need.

Kai The Burly
Fanatic Fun Egg
Fanatic Moonshine
Fanatic Crazy Diamond
Fanatic Diamond


The Firefly has been fine tuned for 2015. An aggressive rail angle change of the bump swallow tail gives this board excellent reactions.

Able to pivot and climb vertically, easily releasing off the top. The design is best suited to small/mid sized wave conditions as it responds quickly to subtle foot controls.

Available in our high quality Polyester construction, these boards are ideal for those who prefer a more traditional layup and crisp feel when riding. The expanded nose and tail outline provides early planing,
allowing the board to seamlessly link the dead sections. The Firefly presents a mid rocker and a single to double concave bottom which has been deepened this year. Heel and toe carbon reinforcement patches have been introduced, as riders are increasingly pushing the boundaries with more extreme manoeuvres on this design. New, clean and sleek graphics are seen this year with block colours nodding towards a more classic style.

Finally, the new Firefly embraces versatility using the Quad / Thruster Multisystem.


Great stability and smooth paddling are amped with the Mini-Mal thanks to ample width and floatation.

Since the design has been spot on, there are no adjustments this year to the widths, thicknesses or rockers. We have however, changed the graphics and you will be styling out! Block strips of dreamy shades of pale blue are laid across the tail of this predominantly white cruiser, whilst the Bamboo version resembles the washed out pastel waters of the Bahamas, reflecting a trendy yet relaxed vibe.

The Polyester constructed versions of the Mini-Mal have the trusted Thruster fin setup, while the Bamboo models have the versatile Quad / Thruster Multisystem.


The name says it all. Stylemaster! This 9’1” Longboard was designed to be versatile in all sizes of wave.

The mid centre bending curvature lets you nose ride with ease, get back to tilt up the face or ride on the tail at speed. The nose area maximises your nose riding time, and with a deep concave and rolled rail shape you can hold a steep wall predictably. The tail width is narrowed, so the outline permits high powered turns off the tail at lightning speeds. Available in both of our outstanding Polyester and Epoxy constructions, heel to toe Carbon reinforcement patches can be found on PU boards.

Guaranteed to turn heads on the water, the deck has a timeless block colour style in pale blues and white, while the Bamboo version resembles the crystal waters of the tropics.

Mesmerising when punching the lip or laying into heavy cut backs, the 9’1” has the Longboard fin  Multisystem, which allows the usual tri fin and single fin combinations along with a variety of others. The recommended fin size for the Quad are all M2 sizes or a similar total fin area. For larger waves, increasing the size of the tail fins will accommodate your needs.

The Blacktip is a great started board. The soft construction allows everyone to have funm while maximizing performance

Fanatic Firefly
Fanatic Mini-Mal
Fanatic Stylemaster
Surftech Blacktip Soft Board
7" 8" 9" 10" 11" 12"  
Stand Up Paddle


The Malibu is popular for paddlers up to 100 kg or 220 pounds who want a light and compact board for a variety of conditions. Performance in leisure is all about about instantly having fun and being able to go out in the widest possible range of conditions. This tolerant all-water shape will give you the ability to go out no matter what. It forgives any bad feet positioning or turning techniques. A reliable companion for expeditions, cruising or workout training. You can try freestyle windsurfing as well and it is also the perfect board to take the kids on a tour. With a weight of just over 10 kg or 23 pounds it is a very easy board to handle out of the water and onto the car.

• Extra wide outline for increased stability.
• More volume in the back for more balance while surfing.
• Harmonious bottom shape with full soft-up rails for smooth riding.
• Full tail rocker provides great turning characteristics.
• Enough surfing rocker for entry waves.
• The length and flat bottom shape provides enough glide for flat water cruising.
• Mastfoot insert for windsurfing as an option.

Diamond Head

An outstanding Wave board for medium to experienced riders looking for a reliable wave board which can surf small to medium and even big waves. These boards are all equipped with windsurfing rig attachment options, so that if the wind kicks in, you can easily make the switch to wind power.

An outstanding wave board for medium to experienced riders. US fin box with thruster fin set up (FCS).

Foot support with Tail Kicker optimizes maneuvering in the waves.

Mistral Cross Over
Mistral Diamond Head
9"8  10"6 8"6 9"2      

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