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Material de Windsurf disponible en Dakhla



Maximum energy and electrifying handling: The smaller sizes of the 2014 VOLT are again oriented towards the requirements of the wave riders, the larger sizes towards freestylers. The result is a sail line that can confidently be called the ultimate all-in-one freestyle wave range.

No other NorthSails sail adapts to the conditions so brilliantly and sailors are so enthusiastic about the huge range of use. No wonder! As the whole team were involved in the testing. For the huge list of desires countless innovations were necessary which are hidden in every detail.

Thanks to a short luff the new VOLT feels extremely compact and neutral making for incredible handling characteristics. In combination with a unique foot geometry, a low draft position, a modified leech tension plus the iMODULAR.DESIGN the VOLT remains extremely neutral on the wave and during difficult maneuvers. The sail immediately reacts to even the smallest impulse.

The sophisticated luff curve and the modified profile distribution result in insane handling combined with great low-end power. The impressive performance makes it the ideal choice for any spot on the planet. And all of this over an extremely wide wind range, as there is no other wave sail that covers such a wider range, especially when overpowered! Although all sizes are designed for RDM masts they still work equally great on SDM masts. That's the reason why the new VOLT feels softer, super easy to control and can be pumped easily. The VOLT series works best on single fin boards, which are driven over the rail.

The consistent development in the past 12 months is fully paying off. Replete with the finest components and technical solutions, the new HERO always generates a lot of drive, regardless of whether under- or properly powered up. Despite a further draft back position it doesn’t become back handy, even when overpowered. Due to fine-tuning of all sizes the extremely wide wind range compared to conventional 4 batten sail is immediately noticeable.

The low weight makes for an incredible handling. While rigging you can already imagine how light and soft the sail feels. The rotation is as smooth as silk, even with minimal outhaul tension.

On the water it immediately appears that your backhand is the throttle. Just sheet in and the HERO immediately builds up power and speeds up, and gets you going. On the wave it becomes a discreet engine always ready to accelerate when needed. The top is working very effective supporting the power. Therefore, you can safely choose a sail size smaller than with many other wave sails. This applies to almost any rider, regardless of weight.

Kai Hopf developed the BALANCED.LUFF.LENGTH, a precisely balanced ratio of luff length to boom length. As short as possible for most radical throw-ability and as long as necessary to generate sufficient stability for maximum wind range.

Design, processing, shape and features such as the iBUMPER mast protector make the radical HERO a perfect package to which the competition must be measured again. The HERO is exclusively designed for RDM masts due to its narrow sleeve and elastic characteristics. The smaller mast diameter perfectly matches this softer feeling sail and shorter luff

Following the extremely successful WARP F2012 the compact shape has been taken over, but with a slightly longer CROSS.BATTEN. 




Meet the brand new TriWave. Completely redesigned for 2014, each of the six sizes features a tuned-up shape that begins with an overall wider and more compact outline. You need planing power? We’ve got it with a decreased tail rocker and a V bottom shape. Combined with the flatter deck, we’ve created a more stable stance, while still improving the turning capabilities thanks to the shorter shape and a snappy tail outline. Super easy and user-friendly. This is the board for all-around Wave conditions.

The best part? Ride your TriWave as a Thruster and enjoy the full performance of a radical Waveboard, or turn it into a Single Fin, to give you maximum planing power and drive down the line. Versatility is the name of the game with the TriWave. Whatever the conditions, whatever your style – the TriWave will deliver pure fun.

Key Features
- 6 new shapes with a new outline, featuring slightly wider fishtails for better low-end performance and snappy turns
- V bottom shape with light, tuned double concaves for smooth flow, compensating for the wider tail and helping accelerate out of turns
- Proven rocker line with slightly less tail rocker – the perfect combination of performance and surfing capability
- Wider center with flatter deck for early planing and easy balance and stance
- Full and soft rails up the nose for balance and control – these rails never catch - sharp and crisp rails on the tail for projection and grip
- Side fins with slight tow for perfect water flow, maximizing grip and projection
- SlotBox sidefins with US Center Box offer maximum tuning abilities
- TriWaves perfectly fill the gap between FreeWaves and Quads

Fanatic Wave R&D Manager Klaas Voget about the new TriWave: “The 2014 TriWave is a completely new world in terms of planing power, turning abilities and its ease of use. Its element is pretty much any spot with a breaking wave. I’m looking forward to get these boards in my quiver for the 2014 Wave tour. They are so easy and so fun!”

Under the lip. Down the line. If you’re a Waveriding purist, the Quad is your Waveboard. Designed to operate at maximum performance close to the curl, the Quad has been tuned up even more. A new scoop rocker line with a reduced concave / double concave bottom shape, plus the wider center with a flatter deck, offers simple stability combined with the snappiest of turns. Maintaining the Quad’s well-respected and thoroughly-tested surfing and planing abilities while increasing the comfort and usability was the goal – a tough challenge. With many weeks of on-the-water testing, countless prototypes, and hours and hours of analysis, we have finally found the combination of design features that works for everyone, while improving on the performance of its very successful predecessor. An early planing, easy-to-use board – designed for radical Wave action. Ride the Quad, and rip the wave to pieces.

Key Features
- 3 new, fully-developed shapes
- Side fins with slight tow for perfect water flow, maximum grip, and projection
- New scoop rocker line with a lower entry and slightly more tail rocker for surfing action, with power, grip and speed
- Reduced concaves to compensate for lower rocker; maximum carving and low-end performance
- Short and compact outlines for tight radius turns
- Rounded square tails for additional projection and snappier turns
- Wider center with flatter deck for early planing and easy balance and stand
- CAD analyzed concave / double concave bottom shape reworked to deliver more early planing performance and more speed on the wave, including a power section between the foot straps
- SlotBox fin system for reduced weight and drag

PWA Vice World Wave Champ 2012 Victor Fernandez on the new Quad:
“The Quad is the most radical wave board in our Fanatic Wave range. For me it's the perfect board for getting into the new wave school moves as takas, backside 360´s, fast turns and big carves. Since our first Fanatic Quad until now we stepped up a lot and I have to thanks these boards, they helped me so much to improve my wave riding skills, I´m very happy with this board!”

The original FreeWave was built with one thought in mind: to offer ultimate freedom on any wave the ocean can create – for every sailor. As we approached 2014 we were tasked with a new challenge: how to make the best even better? This is a question that we have been trying to answer for years. With our flagship FreeWave range being one of the most loved boards on the market today, it was out of question to introduce a new board that
might not beat the highly decorated shape. Better was the only option.

After a long, intensive R&D cycle, including years of prototyping and testing around the world, Fanatic proudly introduces a completely new design for the 2014 FreeWave range in the sizes 76, 86, 96, 106, 116. It’s the most versatile FreeWave model ever conceived. The new compact fishtail outline, combined with a flatter mid-deck section and carefully formed rails produce a harmonically tuned shape that offers unrivaled performance on flat
water and in waves.

A powerful bottom shape, comprised of a slight V and shallow double concave sitting on a quick scoop rocker line, ensures early planing along with potential for down-the-line speed.

And the real revolution – ride any new FreeWaveTE or TeXtreme® as a Thruster or a Single Fin. Choose between the lightest technology available or the best value-for-yourmoney construction. Make your FreeWave what you want it to be. Then simply enjoy.

Key Features
- Slightly shorter and more compact with increased outline area in the nose for earlier planing and smooth Waveriding
- Fishtail and rounded nose
- New CAD designed scoop rocker line
- Slight V and double concave bottom shape
- Fuller, smoother rail in the nose area, with higher apex and more tucked-under edge
- Flatter mid-deck section for better stance and volume efficiency
- Small boards tuned for Waveriding
- Thruster option for full Wave performance

Gollito Estredo (V-10), 5 times PWA Freestyle World Champion (2006, 2008, 2009, 2010 & 2012):
“If you’ve got an aggressive, competitive style, you need early-planing, low swing-weight shapes and smooth front-to-back flow to blend tricks from air through to sliding phases. The Skate’s rails do this perfectly – with amazing pads and deck shape to cushion the ride.”

Triwave TE
Quad TE
FreecarveFreerideEntryEntry Kids
Gotta ride a Gecko? This year you’ll be able to do it on two brand new sizes, as we added a 98 and 112 liter option to the extra wide and thin-railed manoeuvre-friendly line that redefines the modern Funboard. With width comes support – the Gecko offers stability comparable to boards 15 liters larger. Flat decks with thinned-out edges produce a hull capable of extreme, tight-carving performance. Taking a cue from Freestyle shapes like our ultra-successful Skate, the extra width gets you going quickly with smaller sails. The Gecko boasts a proven rocker line and tuned tail kick release to deliver the ultimate quick-to-plane, responsive Freemove ride. With three construction options – affordable High Resistance Skin, super-durable Bamboo Sandwich Light construction, or Innegra Carbon LTD Edition, there’s a Gecko that’s right for everybody. The deck on the LTD version features Cork-Sandwich technology and high-tech Basalt Cloth on the board base. The result? Truly eco-friendly materials on one of the most responsive rides around. LTD models also sport the Light Finish look, where the main board color is mixed into the laminating resin, for extra weight reduction.

Speed, power, and pure Windsurfing thrill. When something works, it’s best not to fix it. This pedigreed predator redefined the Freeride category in 2013 and will continue to wow testers in 2014. The 97, 111, 125 and 135 liter Hawks are derived from our best Freestyle and Slalom shapes, for a unique blend of jibing perfection, early planing and top-end speed that holds a place in any windsurfer’s dream quiver.

Refined fast rocker lines with tuned tail release – most noticeably on the 97 – on wider compact shapes with thin, tucked-under edges make for perfect all-rounders that don’t catch rails in carving or sliding moves. Comfy deck doming in the tail and strap areas as well as a recessed deck guarantee you’re always in control in flat water, swell or chop.

All sizes are offered in either eco-friendly and durable Bamboo Sandwich Light or ultra-stiff, lightweight and impact-resistant Carbon Innegra/Basalt Sandwich Light LTD construction. The LTD construction features environment-friendly Cork-Sandwich technology on the deck and the high-tech Basalt Cloth on the board base, creating one of the most responsive rides around. For extra weight-savings, the LTD edition features our Light Finish look, in which board colour is mixed into the resin. From the esteemed testers of Planchemag: “This board flies over the water and offers lots of acceleration. Free under the feet and very exhilarating in light to medium winds once you are planing!” No matter what kind of windsurfer you are, you’ll love your ride on the Hawk.

Key Features:
- One-length concept compact shapes with wide center point and round nose for balance, early-planing and smooth carves (does not apply to the 97)
- Innegra replaces Kevlar for ultra-stiff, impact resistant and light layup using less wetted resin for ecological sensitivity
- Thin, tucked rails for ultimate carving pleasure
- Double concave nose entry section runs to Power V bottom, tuned tail kick and 75° pintail for comfort and control in chop and turns

Fanatic’s CAD Master Shaper Sebastian Wenzel about the Hawk:
“Speed, performance, control and maneuverability – these are the attributes of the Hawk. I enjoy the fast and effortless ride of this board. Being comfortably in full control is what I look for when blasting down the strip. On top of that the jibes are so much fun and easy. That’s why I enjoy the Hawk so much. Catch me, if you can!”

Sometimes you simply need to Windsurf. Whether it’s Freeride cruising or blasting with your friends, you need a board that knows how to go. That’s the Shark. While it’s perfect for progression and forgiving to intermediates, the Shark lacks no bite in hard-carving super-tight turns – and tests proved it. With top scores in user-friendliness, high-wind speeds and maneuverability, the Shark is a board we’re happy to keep precisely as it is. From smooth, graceful cruising to lightning speed runs, the Shark is the perfect platform for fast learners or those looking for a lifetime of Freeride pleasure – or an automatic jibe machine. The proven CAD shaped scoop rocker, comfy domed decks and compact outline are easy to use and push to the limits. 5 durable, high-value sizes come in High Resistance Skin (HRS) construction with PowerBox fins. The most popular 135 and 150 liter LTD sizes are also available in eco-friendly, impact-resistant, super-light and stiff Innegra Carbon/Basalt Sandwich Light construction. LTD construction features Cork in the deck, high-performance, environmentally friendly Basalt Cloth in the base, and our weight-saving Light Finish look in which board coloring is mixed into the resin. In 2014, the Shark will continue to define the phrase “Freeride”.

Key Features:
- Easy-to-use compact outline and efficient volume flow and feel
- 80° pintail for drag reduction, jibing and top-end control
- Smooth and forgiving ride from full front rails blending into thinner tail for grip and tight turns
- Double concave cuts through the chop at high speed
- Responsive foot-steering feel from deluxe deck doming

Fanatic’s CAD shaper Sebastian Wenzel about the Shark:
“These unique outlines combine a comfortably wide mid-section with a drawn-in pintail, to give the Shark a drag-free, easy-riding feel that’s effortless to carve. The rails up front are fuller and forgiving, flowing through to thin, sharper tail edges that bite in turns and slice through the water at high speed.”

What’s the best board on the water? The one that teaches the most new sailors how to Windsurf. That’s the Viper. With a world-wide network of schools and rental center staff to work with, Fanatic has the perfect knowledge base to build the best board to get new sailors on the water. The Viper works from the first time you stand on a board and hold a boom and many times after – all the way to full-speed, in-the-footstraps planing. Ultra-versatile with a compact retractable daggerboard and GFK PowerBox fin, the Viper can offer both true light-wind glide and more advanced Funboard use in one package. The easy-on-the-knees Softdeck pad is great for first-time sailors and more experienced novices alike. The nose handle makes moving the board around easy for anyone. To tune the board for smaller or larger sails, there’s plenty of room for adjustment in the mast track.

All four sizes offer High Resistance Skin (HRS) durability. The Viper is prepared to accustom a range of sizes, age, and abilities with 70, 75, 80 and 85 cm wide options to choose from. For schools or clubs, a plain white Softdeck version is available. If you want to help create new windsurfers, it’s simple: get them started on the Viper.

Key Features:
- CAD engineered power rocker line for optimum waterline and sub-planing pointing
- Removable daggerboard for light air tracking and sealable slot for high-wind use
- Multiple footstrap positions for Freeride and Cruising use
- Thinner outline for control and mastering footsteering
- Pintail for easy release in learning jibes

Fanatic Ride Rig
The Fanatic Ride is perfect for all windsurfers who want to keep it simple! No confusion or hi-tech over-engineering, these sails are all about fun and freedom! The rigs are supplied complete with mast, sail, boom with uphaul, extension and mast foot, in a handy bag to keep all the parts together for your next Windsurfing session.

Key Features:
- Modern performance shape – a great allround shape that will suit both modern and older style boards, with a huge wind / trim range
- High quality materials – best combination of durable yet lightweight construction, especially in key stress areas
- Compact luff / boom length – makes the sail more compact and keeps components to minimum
- Batten tensioner – integrated hex key driven batten adjustment system; aerodynamic, effortless batten trimming

Windsurfing is the sport of a lifetime – that’s why it’s best to start young. Get kids riding right with the Fanatic Ripper. It’s the perfect board and rig solution for the next generation of Windsurf heroes. The Ripper is available in two different sizes – the classic 102 liter shape and larger 120 liter option for taller or older children.

Both boards offer compact, balanced shapes that emphasize easy-to-use performance and allow all-weather control. With plenty of width for stability and light-wind planing power, the Ripper still offers a high top-speed for rapidly advancing sailors or parents hoping to pass on their Windsurfing knowledge through demonstration. A wide range of foot strap options and a removable center fin make the Ripper highly tunable – or the perfect board to grow with. The comfortable Softdeck is easy on the knees while offering new riders all the grip and confidence they can dream of.

Between them, Fanatic Brand Manager and former PWA rider Craig Gertenbach, Fanatic UK agent Nik Baker and shaper Sebastian Wenzel have 7 children of their own – meaning the Ripper’s conception and development was totally based on real-world teaching experience and research. It’s the perfect board/rig combo to pass on the love of Windsurfing to the next generation. Get kids riding right on the Ripper!

Key Features
- CAD-crafted volume distribution for both stability and Freeride fun
- Soft rails for easy introduction to jibing and foot steering
- Easy on-off center fin to suit range of abilities
- Durable total Softdeck pad for grip and comfort

Ripper Kids Rig:
Fanatic Brand Manager Craig Gertenbach and shaper Sebastian Wenzel also know how hard it is to find a good rig for their kids. A sail that is light, durable, easy to use and most of all compact – that is the Ripper rig!


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