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Océan Vagabond Excursions in Dakhla Lagoon

Wander around Dakhla.

Go boating on the lagoon, from 4×4 to the discovery of forgotten beaches, visit Dragon Island and brush his natural clay, visit the hot springs of Asnaa, taste the oysters and lobsters directly from Dakhla Talhamar the farm exploit the benefits of a hammam in the medina, enjoy the smoothies lawyers … is yours!


Boat trip with visit of the island of the dragon

  • 2h boat excursion Dragon Island 75 € or 825 dhs pp.
  • 3h boat excursion Dragon Island and White Dune 110 € or 1210 dhs pp. On the island, you can stop to make a clay facial mask and swim.
  • 4h boat 135 € or 1 485 dhs pp.

4x4 transportation

  • Maximum 6 people per vehicle.
  • 1 person = 60€ or 660 dhs pp
  • 2 persons = 30€ or 330 dhs pp
  • 3 persons = 20€ or 220 dhs pp
  • 4 persons = 15€ or 165 dhs pp
  • 5 persons = 15€ or 165 dhs pp
  • 6 persons = 10€ or 110 dhs pp

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Océan vagabond Dakhla

Ecolodge Accommodation

Enjoy our surf camp while respecting the surrounding environment. Enjoy the comfort of our bungalows close to the spot ...

Kite Dakhla


Flat water, constant winds, the lagoon of Dakhla is an ideal place for learning and progression in kitesurf. Atlantic Waves are also waiting for you



At the heart of a region where surf tourism develops, Dakhla offers the guarantee to find the spot for you, away from crowded peaks.

windsurf dakhla


Slalom on the lagoon, waves on the ocean, and always a constant wind, Dakhla offers exceptional conditions for the practice of windsurfing.

stand up paddle dakhla lagoon

Stand Up Paddle

SUP is the perfect activity for the lagoon of Dakhla: You can freely discover the beauty of its flora, fauna, landscapes ....

surf trip


Get out there, with friends, family, and at the turning of a track ... The Spot you were looking for, framed by magnificent landscapes ...

Dakhla webcam


The Lagoon spot live for you!

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