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Surf in Dakhla Lagoon

surf dakhla

The Ocean Vagabond surfing team welcomes you in sunny Dakhla all winter long (from november to march to benefit from the best swells) for a Surf trip in a land of escape. Our Surf & Stand Up Paddle School will lead you to the best surfing spot of the place, with guide or instructor, for all ages and levels. Unlighted destination for european surfers with 3500 km sunny coast, Morocco is a famous country for practising boardsports in waves (Surf, Stand Up Paddle, Longboard…). Dakhla offers virgin waves of a very high quality, making the best rider ever dream, but still perfectly fitting for beginners and progressors. The Océan Vagabond Surf School proposes different packages to begin or train Surfing or Stand Up Paddling in the best conditions, so that you can take the best out of your surf holidays. You will have at your disposal high quality equipment (surf boards, SUP boards for all levels and shape, wetsuits).

High-level surf coachs

All instructors of Ocean Vagabond Surf School are graduated and experienced. They share their passion of surfing in an authentic spirit, respectful of their environment.

Surf School and Surf Camp in Sahara

Yet little frequented by surfers despite the high quality of the waves and landscapes, Dakhla of the peninsula is a surfing destination of exception with its long desert sand beaches. The waves of the Sahara are unique and offer little surf conditions equaled in the world, ideal for initiation and development in Surf and Stand Up Paddle.

Dakhla Surf Spots

« Aarich » Wave

Unrolling in a big bay, at the bottom of a local fishermen’s village, this wave is without any doubt of the nicest in Morocco. Its progressive speed makes it ideal to learn the basics of surfing, train one’s technique and improve its ride. The set up of Aarich beach offers good waves, nice to ride, with any tide.

Foum Labouir Wave

Proche de la ville, la plage de Foum Labouir est le spot incontournable de Dakhla. Next to the city, Foum Labouir is the most famous beach of Dakhla. The beach ends several kilometers away, and we can find some right hand waves on sand banks depending on the tide. You will enjoy the peak where good waves get formed and make tubes later on. The wave is deep and fast at the begin but soon slow down, making it very interesting to train as a beginner or progressor.

La vague de la Sarga

This is one of the most beautiful and inaccessible waves of Morocco. With a length outside the norm, the wave of La Sarga winds along a sandy point several kilometers. The wave is very scalable and following sections depending on the tides.

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Océan Vagabond


Find in Dakhla Lagoon...

Océan vagabond Dakhla

Ecolodge Accommodation

Enjoy our surf camp while respecting the surrounding environment. Enjoy the comfort of our bungalows close to the spot ...

Kite Dakhla


Flat water, constant winds, the lagoon of Dakhla is an ideal place for learning and progression in kitesurf. Atlantic Waves are also waiting for you



At the heart of a region where surf tourism develops, Dakhla offers the guarantee to find the spot for you, away from crowded peaks.

windsurf dakhla


Slalom on the lagoon, waves on the ocean, and always a constant wind, Dakhla offers exceptional conditions for the practice of windsurfing.

stand up paddle dakhla lagoon

Stand Up Paddle

SUP is the perfect activity for the lagoon of Dakhla: You can freely discover the beauty of its flora, fauna, landscapes ....

surf trip


Get out there, with friends, family, and at the turning of a track ... The Spot you were looking for, framed by magnificent landscapes ...

Dakhla webcam


The Lagoon spot live for you!

kite dakhla

Our Packages

Ocean Vagabond Experience at the best price

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