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Kitesurf in Dakhla Lassarga

Lassarga offers something for each kiter : phenomenal wave riding and freeriding conditions during surf season – from October to March – and flatter water and constant wind during rest of the year, perfect for freestyle. Due to side-off wind direction, Lassarga beach is for up-intermediate and advanced riders only.

Beginners will enjoy ideal side-on wind and flat, shallow water conditions right around the corner of Lassarga facing the Lagoon, an ideal spot for learning and progressing.


Find in Dakhla Lassarga...


Accomodation in Dakhla Lassarga

Enjoy our Eco Lodge respecting the surrounding environment. Enjoy the comfort of our bungalows on the spot …


Surf in Dakhla Lassarga

Long denied access, this beach has nourished for many years the fantasies of many surfers. Visible from the plane, we all secretly dreamed seeing the pure lines of its wave, an extraordinary length, winding along the sand point and where the wind, totally off shore, makes it glassy and endless.



Lassarga offers exceptional conditions for surfing and freeriding on a so long wave …



Waves on the ocean and always a constant wind, Lassarga offers exceptional conditions for the practice of Windsurfing.

Stand Up Paddle

SUP in Dakhla Lassarga

New activity accessible and fun, the SUP can be practiced all the year ! Here, we take advantage of Stand Up to surf the beautiful wave of Lassarga.

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