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Windsurf in Essaouira

For more than 30 years, Essaouira has grown into an exceptional spot for windsurfing. With a powerful wind blowing from April to October and a beautiful bay, sheltered by Mogador Islands, it’s a magical spot for intermediates windsurfers as well as for waveriders.
Beginners will also like it from May to September, when the swell is less frequent and the bay gives a great flat area for learning.
Our windsurf school, managed by VDWS certified instructors, provide high quality courses for beginners as well as advanced riders. From first rides to “Forward Loop”, you can learn everything with top end kit!

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We offer two weekly surf sessions for local children from seven to sixteen and provide them boards from September to June. United by a shared passion the children discover the love of the ocean and that fabulous sport which is great for the development of muscles and coordination.

surf club


The Euro-Moroccoan association 'in the heart of friendship' is a charitable organisation for the impoverished children of Essaouira. It's objective is to daily give around 50 children a warm meal for lunch as well as to pay their school fees and material. The association also allows kids to go to the bathhouse regularly, to see a doctor, to visit holiday camps and to access the library of the French-Moroccan alliance in Essaouira.

All these undertakings are only possible thanks to donations of companies and private individuals. From November on about 20 kids of ten years and more get the chance to take part in a surf course every Sunday morning thanks to Ion Club / Ocean Vagabond watersports centre.

Hold on tight waves of Essaouira, the champions are coming!


In our centre we try not to forget about the residents of our hometown. Hence, we offer waterman courses to all residents of twelve years and older who would like to practice one of the sports pursued by us (surf, sup, kite, windsurf) on a regular basis to share unforgettable moments on the water with them.
The activities are chosen according to weather and tides on the very day of the course.




Sport and Culture Events...

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Swim treck Mogador
Printemps des alizés
Festival des Andalousies Atlantiques
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Moga Festival

Océan Vagabond


Find in Essaouira...



In front of you the sand and the ocean, with your friends or your family, lunchtime, diner or a snack in between. Ocean Vagabond invites you from 9am to 7pm to discover the cuisine of our chef. There are our daily offers which vary depending on the catch of the day and Samira's pastries, but also our menu that includes burgers, fresh salads, sandwiches, wood-fired pizzas, sweet and savory tarts and more.

( Shaded terrace & new interior designed by P.Luciani )



Essaouira has become a destination of choice for experienced kitesurfers and beginners alike. A powerful wind blows through the bay from April to October and provides beginners and experts with an exceptional playing field.



The bay of Essaouira is an ideal place to learn to surf for the entire year. The islands of Mogador in fact filter the swell and let beautiful waves come to us. The site is very save without rip currents and no rocks.



In the last 30 years Essaouira becameone of the 'must go spots' for windsurfers. With strong winds from April to October and a magnificent bay closed by the islands of Mogador it is a great place for progressing windsurfers and waveriders in the making.

stand up paddle

Stand Up Paddle

"As new activity that is accessible and playful, SUP can be practiced in Essaouira all year. Either for fitness or to surf the beautiful waves of the bay.
Thanks to SUP you can peacefully glide over the water alone or with friends to explore Essaouira and its Island from a different perspective.
In addition to that, the site is very save without currents that carry you far away from the beach and no rocks under the surface. You get to practice right in front of our centre on a sandy beach."



The mountain bike remains one of the best ways to explore the backcountry of the region. Numerous paths link the villages. Paths normally only used horse carriages and camels which you will surely meet on your tour.



In Essaouira you have a variety of quality hotels. We're currently working on a tool to help you choose your accommodation according to your criteria. Until then, do not hesitate to contact us for advice or packages that we can offer you together with our hotel partners.